Improving Your Financial Outlook in 2020

Among many year-end tasks, you’re likely planning your insurance and risk financing renewal for the coming year. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • "How do these renewal terms fit into our budget and EBITDA calculations for the coming year?" (“How will these renewal terms impact us financially?")
  • "How much controllable Financial Leakage are we experiencing outside of the hard costs of the insurance policies and claims?"
  • "Can our existing broker provide a results-driven and measurable strategy to recapture a significant portion of these unbudgeted expenses?"

Improving Your Financial Outlook in 2020

If your current broker can’t provide you with this business intelligence, don’t feel bad - you’re not alone. But there’s no need for you to waste a tremendous amount of controllable capital in the coming year, likely in the neighborhood of an additional 30% of additional expenses above your renewal terms!

As Analytic Brokers, we’re uniquely qualified to quantify the true costs of your risk management program and pinpoint areas for improvement. Our data-driven process makes your financial improvement our top priority.

You deserve real data and better financial outcomes. Contact us today for a no-risk Financial Leakage assessment.

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