Improve Your Financial Outlook in 2019

We know how busy this time of year is for you. Among many year-end tasks, you’re likely planning your insurance and risk financing renewal for the coming year.

If so, have you decided if your cost structure is appropriate? Have you answered: “How do these renewal terms fit into our budget and EBITDA calculations for the coming year?

And what about: “How much controllable financial leakage are we experiencing outside of the hard costs of the insurance policies and claims?”

Improve Your Financial Outlook in 2019

If your renewal provider can’t give you these answers, chances are you will be wasting a tremendous amount of controllable capital in the coming year.

Imagine taking your insurance renewal terms and adding an additional 30%!  

30%. That is the average percentage* of financial leakage most businesses are currently absorbing through claims and the indirect costs of those claims.

We’d like to help you do something about this. As Analytic Brokers, we’re uniquely qualified to quantify the true costs of your risk management program and pinpoint areas for improvement. Best of all, our firm will design a customized plan to help you recapture those costs so you can improve your financial outlook in 2019.

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