The Best Opportunity to Reduce Your Costs

To reduce the costs of your risk financing and risk management program, you must recapture the existing financial leakage inside your business model.

To do this effectively, you must first identify and measure your TRUE cost structure. We’re not just talking about your premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses, but also the indirect costs of your claims that weaken your profit margin and other business results.

Until recently, these losses and your financial leakage have been difficult to pinpoint.

Did you know? These losses can add an additional load of 30-50% to your program. If you haven’t budgeted for that extra 30-50%, you’re not alone. We call this Financial Leakage, and it’s a critical issue that every business should rectify.

The Best Opportunity to Reduce Your Costs

Now, forward-thinking firms like ours invest in data and analytics that help us see, quantify, and monitor Financial Leakage. Moreover, as Certified Analytic Brokers, we’ll develop a custom-tailored plan to recapture these expenses with our specialty resources.

You’ll improve your operating capital, EBITDA, and shareholder equity when you find and recapture these hemorrhaging dollars.

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