Stop the Slow Drip of Financial Leakage

Unchecked financial leakage (or Enterprise Cost of Claims) is your largest uncovered risk. While most insurance brokers won’t (or can’t) address it, our firm is uniquely qualified to pinpoint these critical costs that are likely eroding your bottom line.

Here’s how it works:

Every single time you have a claim (of any type) your organization absorbs additional costs for the ramifications of the claim event. Even if the claim is covered by insurance, your costs increase as the claim ripples through your entire organization. This disruption impacts your productivity, strategic, financial and operational outcomes.

Moreover, these costs are not covered by insurance. They are paid by YOUR organization.

Stop the Slow Drip of Financial Leakage

You may think these hidden costs don’t apply to you (that they’re only found in Fortune 500 companies) but the data shows this is not the case. All organizations: large, medium, or small, (for-profit or non-profit) suffer from the slow drip of financial leakage.

The first step toward recapturing it: identifying it! That’s where we can help. As Analytic Brokers, we have the tools, insight, and analytics to quantify these hidden costs. Once we’ve established a comprehensive financial assessment, we’ll help you work toward shoring up these expenses.

As an Analytic Broker™ we can answer this vital question and demonstrate our impact on your cost structure. We’re uniquely qualified to provide you with quantifiable and measurable solutions. We put REAL VALUE in Value Added Services.

Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Leakage Report. You might be surprised to see how much profit you’re currently leaving on the table.

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