Recover Your Wasted Capital

The largest expense inside your risk management and financing program is the Financial Leakage that exists inside your business. These indirect loss costs rob your business of productivity, margins and EBITDA results.

They are there right now, skewing your results towards unprofitability. And your leakage gets worse every time you have a claim (even if it is insured). In fact, if your results mirror the average of firms like yours, you are likely throwing a tremendous amount of margin away.

Most insurance providers won’t tell you this, because they don’t have the ability to measure, forecast or impact your financial leakage. Until now, the exact amount of damage inside your business has been unquantifiable. is huge!

Think about this: How much does every loss cost you? (whether it be a worker’s compensation, automobile or liability claim). Sure the insurance carrier may pay them, but how much do they really cost you in additional expense? Can you remember any losses that became expensive problems for your organization in time, reputation or productivity? That is wasted capital.

Your Budget Is Wrong

As an Analytic Broker™, not only can we pinpoint exactly how much capital your firm is wasting, we can show you how to recapture it. Imagine the impact on your business results!

Can you afford to ignore it?

So, contact us today. We will provide your organization with an in-depth Financial Leakage Report™. Without it, you are probably wasting a great deal of financial resources and your hard-earned capital.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it..” - Lord Kelvin

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