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Did you know there is another way to improve your business performance without selling more products and services? And the key is in your risk management program?

Whether you want to increase your margins or invest capital in your priorities, recapturing hidden costs is one path to do it. If yours is like most organizations, there is likely a significant amount of unbudgeted expense in your insurance program.

Here’s how it works: whenever a claims event occurs, your organization absorbs the cost of lost productivity, business disruption, and reputational damage. Your premium and deductible amounts do not cover this expense. Nor is it paid by the insurance carrier.

Your margins absorb it.

The key to stopping these hidden expenses from hitting your financial statement is properly managing your risk with a broker who understands your business and its operating costs.

An astute broker will analyze your risk financing program, identify the indirect impact of your claims events on your business goals, and develop a strategy to mitigate the effect on your financial statement. Most of all, a broker must be able to measure progress and results!

That’s where we come in. As an Analytic Broker™, we have the tools and expertise to pinpoint, measure and reduce these frictional costs to provide you with a quantifiable value. Our clients enjoy reduced costs, improved financial performance, and peace of mind knowing exactly how their broker is helping them achieve their goals.

Contact us today, and we’ll happily provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your program with solutions to improve your cost reduction strategies.

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