Hitting the Cost Reduction Bullseye

Is your insurance broker aiming for the right target regarding the overall expense of your risk management program? Not simply the price of your insurance, but the unbudgeted costs of claims that erode your business performance?

Did you know…

Each time you have a claim (whether covered by insurance or not), your organization suffers an increase in costs through various frictional expenses. Lost productivity, reputational damage, and hiring and re-training new employees (just to name a few).

Your profits absorb these expenses. Not the insurance carrier!.

That’s the right target to aim for.

So, how do you hit a cost recapturing bullseye?

Step 1: Identifying and quantifying these hidden frictional costs inside of your program. You can’t improve something without quantifying it first. That’s where we can help. As Analytic Brokers™, we have the tools, insights, and analytics required to measure these hidden costs inside your organization.

Step 2: Structuring a plan of action! Once we’ve established a comprehensive financial assessment, we’ll help you shore up and recapture those expenses by creating an implementable strategy. Our team and specialty resources will work to mitigate the severity and frequency of your claims events to better control your costs.

Step 3: Measure the results. Once we have a plan, we’ll monitor the results and inform you of our impact over time. As a partner, we aim to help you meet your financial goals and reinvest recaptured expenses into your organization.

Don’t be under-served by a broker missing the bullseye. You need an upgrade if they cannot help you curb this 30%-50% of additional risk financing expense. We’re dedicated to being a financial partner to our clients with an eye on improvement.

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