Shore Up Your Financial Leakage

All organizations suffer from the negative impact of unchecked Financial Leakage regardless of size (large, medium, or small) or type (for-profit or non-profit.) You incur these hidden expenses when an insurance claim ripples through your organization, resulting in lost productivity, hampered growth, and operational disruption.

In fact, unchecked Financial Leakage is your largest uncovered risk. It’s also a significant unbudgeted drain on your organization’s financial performance. And digging deeper, these costs are NOT covered by insurance carriers… YOUR organization pays them.

While most insurance brokers won’t (or can’t) address your Financial Leakage, our firm is uniquely qualified to pinpoint these critical costs AND develop a plan of action to recapture them.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Identifying and quantifying these hidden frictional costs! That’s where we can help. As Analytic Brokers™, we have the tools, insights, and analytics to identify and measure these hidden costs on the road to recapturing them.

Step 2: Recapturing your Financial Leakage. Once we’ve established a comprehensive financial assessment, we’ll help you shore up and recapture those expenses by creating a plan of action. Our team and specialty resources are dedicated to reducing your claim costs and Financial Leakage.

Don’t be under-served by your existing broker. If they’re unable to help you curb this 30%-50% of additional risk financing expense, you need an upgrade. Our firm is dedicated to being a financial partner to our clients with an eye on improvement.

Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Leakage Report! You might be surprised to see how much profit you’re currently leaving on the table and how we can help you regain your footing as the economy continues to evolve.

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