Price Increases: Plan for the Unknown

With 2021 approaching and strange financial times on the horizon, astute business operators must budget for the unknown. When the economic impact of this uncertainty hits, do not be surprised when the price of your insurance and risk management program increases significantly. Unfortunately, there is little your broker can do to offset this increase.


Tackle the largest unfunded expense inside your risk management program: Your Financial Leakage. This unbudgeted cost erodes your productivity, margins, and EBITDA results and is not directly tied to the market price of your premiums!

According to industry experts, financial leakage adds 30-50% to your risk management program’s cost structure.* This money leaks off your financial statement every time your organization is disrupted by a claim event.

Here’s the good news: Financial Leakage is controllable with the right expertise, resources, and most importantly, the ability to measure its impact.

As a certified Analytic Brokerage, we will quantify your financial leakage AND provide a plan of action to recapture it to potentially offset the premium increases you face in 2021 and beyond. Imagine the impact on your business results with more funds available to reinvest in the new economy!

Contact us today. We will provide your organization with an in-depth Financial Leakage Report™.

Let’s work together to plan for the unknown.

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