The Quickest Way to Improve Your Margins

One of the quickest ways to improve your margins is staring you in the face. It goes unnoticed by many, and yet it’s one of the simplest to execute as you recapture costs and boost your profits.

You have existing Financial Leakage inside your organization that’s going unabated, robbing you every day of margins, EBITDA, productivity and ownership valuation.

This Financial Leakage is the quantifiable and controllable cost that exists within every insurance claim you experience. And it’s tied to things like productivity, management reporting, accelerated depreciation or brand/reputation loss.

In most cases, it’s between 30% and 60% of additional cost on top of your existing risk financing expenses.


So, ask yourself these questions: "If I take our total risk financing expenses and multiply it by the above percentages, how does it impact our margins? What if we could recapture it?"

Financial Leakage Example

It is 100% guaranteed that leakage exists inside your organization, with every insurance claim. If you don’t know exactly how much it’s costing you, you can never achieve your margin efficiency.

As an Analytic Broker™ we can provide you with a confidential Certified Financial Leakage™ Report, showing you exactly what your current leakage is and how deeply it’s impacting your margins.

You really need this important information so that you can plug the leak. We can help you there too.

Of course, you could choose to do nothing. But, without knowing exactly how much this leakage is costing you, you might not be doing everything in your power to improve your business organization.

So, if you would like to really understand your cost structure and how to improve your margins by focusing on your leakage, contact us. Our firm will show you this vitally important business metric and how to improve your margins by reducing it.

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